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Legend – analogue_series#no.77977

Operational research and intervention in the field of law and art:

"Make maps, not photos or drawings."
Gilles Deleuze / Félix Guattari: Rhizome 1976, p. 27

Pervasive photography

Ubiquitous use of cameras

90° Right | 90° Left

Legend-head 90 degrees right and 90 degrees left "Variants of self-empowerment are practiced by the artistic and in many cases also scientific research projects of and thereby take the imperfect, useless or also illegitimate agreements in economy, politics and law in digital contexts into the re-conceptualizing, re-organizing and re-forming view of the most diverse format experiments: While with analogue_series#no.2k0023 since 2003 legally ...

45° Right | 135° Left

Legend-head 45 degrees right, 135 degrees left ... fixed but factually failed promises and indeed of a freedom of movement and residence are claimed, [...] takes Legend - analogue_series#no.77977 since 2012, the constitutionally established right to one's own image by providing the photographic portrait of a middle-aged person with the copyright of, notarized as a certificate and set at a two-year single license limited to 77 977 euros.

135° Right | 45° Left

Illustration legend-head 135 degrees right, 45 degrees left Both artistic works make operational use of copyright in its multifunctional use as a threatening gesture, protection, sovereignty guarantee, prevention or even a tool for securing and potentially enforcing the intellectual and material interests of the creator of works of art and, in the recursive combination of legislation and surface fixation of aesthetics, generate a new variant of authorization ...

0° | 180°

Legend-head 90 degrees ... in dealing with personal data. Together with the artistic certificate, which recurs in art history to Sol LeWitt, for example, uses the historically handed down and legally assured repertoire of art and the art business." [Translation by DeepL]

Source: Birte Kleine-Benne: When Operations Become Form. Für eine Kunstwissenschaft der Komplexität, in: engagee. politisch-philosophische Einmischungen: Maschine-Werden, #5/2017, Vienna, pp. 67-73 as well as online:

Legend#77933 Certificate

Legend#77977 certificate

Certificate Update 2020

Legend#77977 certificate update


Use of surveillance cameras


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